Custom Barns

From the basic barn to the show barn, how a barn should function is the most important consideration during the design phase. How do you make sure you have the proper ventilation in the summer yet protected from the cold north winds in the winter? Will the tack and wash areas be inside our outside with a shade cover? Where will the water faucets be located to make filling water buckets easier or will there be automatic bowls?

A close second to a barns function is maintenance. Over time a barn can take abuse not just from horses but from moisture, dust, insects,

and a variety of other uwanted pests. Dealing with these issues at the begininning will save substantial time and expense ove the life of your barn.

Just like your home reflects your lifestyle, your barn can do the same.  Simple and laid back or over the top, your barn should be a place you and your horses enjoy spending time.


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