Trace Custom Home Builder

We specialize in building beautiful, personalized, custom dream homes.

Every person, every dream, every budget is different. Every project is approached in a unique fashion. How does the home present itself when driving up the road? Where will the sun rise and set in relation to the home? Will the porches receive the prevailing winds? Can I afford the metal roof I’ve always wanted.

The decisions that need to be made are endless and can easily overwhelm an owner. Without help the process becomes daunting and frustrating. Early on I try to communicate that building your home should be an exciting and joyful experience. My job, if done successfully will accomplish just that, as well as a home you have always dreamed of.

If you don’t have your plans and you are not sure how all that works…thats great. As your builder I can help you go from conceptual plans all the way through to completed working drawings.

Along the way we have the opportunity to establish a relationship which actually works to your advantage. This time allows me to understand what is important to you in your home and how you reached the decisions that you did so I can give you direction and feedback to help you attain your goals.

It also allows you the owner to understand the estimated cost of the project before the plans are completed. This feedback is vital. It is much easier to make adjustments for budget and lifestyle consideration during the planning process than after the plans are completed. Done effectively this can reduce the cost and stress of having to backtrack to a redesign because of little or ineffective builder input.


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