Remodeling & Restoration

Remodeling and restoration are as different from each other as they are to new construction. A builder might remodel a 1970’s kitchen but restore a home built a hundred years ago.

Each requires a different set of skills and mindset because the outcome desired is different.

Remodeling or updating kitchens and baths are often thought of in terms of updating a home to enhance a lifestyle with the potential of someday receiving a return of your investment when it comes time to sell.

Restorations typically are done more from emotional or nostalgic reasons than from an economical standpoint. Restoring the homestead you grew up in or finding the home that you wish you did are pursued with a level of detail and creativity that are different than a typical remodel. How a builder approaches the project is also different.

Trace Custom Homes was awarded the 2000 Renovation of the Year award by Better Homes & Gardens.


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