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Chapel Hill, TX


Custom Home Builder in Chapel Hill, TX

We specialize in building beautiful, personalized, custom dream homes.  Every person, every dream, every budget is different. Every project is approached in a unique fashion. How does the home present itself when driving up the road? Where will the sun rise and set in relation to the home? Will the porches receive the prevailing winds? Can I afford the metal roof I’ve always wanted…Continue Reading


Remodeling & Restoration in Chapel Hill, TX

Remodeling and restoration are as different from each other as they are to new construction. A builder might remodel a 1970’s kitchen but restore a home built a hundred years ago.  Each requires a different set of skills and mindset because the outcome desired is different….Continue Reading


Outdoor Kitchen Builder in Chapel Hill, TX

Outdoor kitchens have become more than just a place to grill your burgers, they have evolved into a distinctive venue for relaxing after work and entertaining. How you wish to appoint yours is limited only by your imagination and budget. Pizza ovens, fireplaces, stainless steel cabinetry, granite, flatscreen TV’s….Continue Reading


Custom Barn Builder in Chapel Hill, TX

From the basic barn to the show barn, how a barn should function is the most important consideration during the design phase. How do you make sure you have the proper ventilation in the summer yet protected from the cold north winds in the winter? Will the tack and wash areas be inside our outside with a shade cover? Where will the water faucets be located to make filling water buckets easier or will there be automatic bowls….Continue Reading


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